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Phoseon Technology is a privately owned electronic manufacturing company based in Hillsboro in the U.S. state of Oregon. Founded in 2002, the company makes products that use ultraviolet light produced by light emitting diodes (LED) that are used for curing products in industrial settings. Phoseon is located in the Portland metropolitan area and has offices in Europe and Asia.


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Former Employee - Sales says

"Directors and VPs are lost, lacking leadership skills and spend more time on inaccurate metrics. No vision for proper growth. No relationship with the working staff, meaning; employee growth, department vision, or company success. Management lacks courage to stand up for the numerous bad choices in order to preserve their jobs."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"- Management has some combination of little and poor vision of the future - Raises in compensation are non-existent (be aggressive when negotiating as you're being brought on) - High performers leave to better compensation - Weak/Toxic performers are kept on due to inertia - Project management schedule often has no basis in reality, higher value placed on early delivery dates than accurate/feasible ones"

Former Employee - Key Account Manager says

"Current management is lost, unaware of market situation despite advice and information from ground up. Instructions is always from top up and no communications from the ground at all."

Former Employee - Mechanical Engineer says

"Unaware of how to enter a new market; losing market share"

Production Worker/Assembler (Former Employee) says

"A lot of talk about quality, but it's all talk. Extremely poor management!!! Their production manager is absolutely clueless! No room for advancement. Company is worried more about selling products quickly versus putting out a quality product. No real research is done. Build and sell. Actually, sell than build is what I actually witnessed. Extremely high number of return products for rework! I have never seen anything like it in any manufacturing I've been involved with in 30 years. Cons: Poor, poor management"

Operational Engineer. (Former Employee) says

"Overall, not bad- but stuck on some old school methods, as women working here- forget forward movement or new opportunities. If you are friends and family, you get treated better- and if you spend a lot of time in your cubicle you are more valued, than someone that is actually producing. Cons: Inexperienced Management, too much management. Not very much leadership."

Test Technician (Former Employee) says

"The management is not technical professionals."